SNA™ Projector Air Humidifier


🏆 Galaxy Atmosphere Effect.
🏆Lightweight, Portable Anywhere.
🏆 Different Modes, Quiet & Efficient.

Enjoy Fresh Air under a Starry Night Sky 

~24 Months Valid Warranty~

Functions and Features 📋

Colourful Atmosphere:
The Projector Air Humidifier produces the perfect atmosphere by Purifying, Moisturising and Freshening the air with a Peaceful Galaxy Stars Atmosphere.

Different Modes:
The Device benefits from 2 Different Spraying Modes, Continuous & Intermittent, allowing the Spray Volume (30-45ml / h) to cover the atmosphere effortlessly.

Quiet & Efficient:
Enjoy peace of mind thanks to the Low Noise Design 30db and the Auto Shutdown Technology which allows the device to turn off after 4 hours with the Continuous Spraying Mode or after 6 hours if settled in Intermittent Spraying Mode.

Lightweight, Portable Anywhere:
The design has been made on purpose to be durable, lightweight and easy to use anytime and anywhere to help you achieve relaxation and comfort during all your daily activities in the most convenient manner.

Specifications 🔍

Air Freshener.
Low Noise Design.
Humidifier Hydration.
Easy to Carry Anywhere.
Small Size and Lightweight.
Auto Shutdown Technology.
Car, Inner Home Decoration.
Galaxy Atmosphere Light Effect.
Spray Modes: Continuous & Intermittent Mode.

Product Material: ABS, Silicone, Aluminum.
Product Size: 13.7 x 7.5 x 7.5cm.
Power Source: USB Charging.
Colours: White / Pink / Navy.
Light: Galaxy Stars Projection.
Water Capacity: 300-500ml.
Spray Volume: 30-45ml / h.
Shutdown Timer: 4/6 Hours.
Working time: 4 - 8 Hours.
Product Weight: 132g.
Noise: <30db.

Package Included 📦

1 * Projector Air Humidifier.
1 * USB Charging Cable.
1 * Cotton Swab.
1 * User Manual.

Thank you for choosing SNA MALTA 🙏