SNA™ Robot Cleaner


🏆 Vacuum, Mop and Sweep.

🏆 Up to 90 mins Operating Time.

🏆 APP Remote Control Schedule.

🏆 Strong Suction & Thorough Cleaning.

Keep your house clean even when you are away. 

~24 Months Valid Warranty~

Functions and Features 📋

Strong Suction & Thorough Cleaning:
The 2800pa large suction and bilateral brushing,
leave the dust around your house no way to escape!

Different Modes and Intelligent Cleaning:
6 Different Modes to adapt accordingly to the surface, allowing it to Vacuum, Mop, and Sweep all over 120 Square Meters Area!

APP Remote Control Schedule:
Keep your house clean even when you are away with the downloadable mobile app that makes it easy to set up, monitor and schedule!

Fast Charging & Easy to Use:
The 2000mAh battery provides a long-lasting experience for up to 90 minutes of Operating Time and 3-4 hours of Charging Time.

Specifications 🔍

6 Smart Cleaning Modes.
App Control: Robo Home App.
Functions: Vacuum, Mop, Sweeping.
120 Square Meters Cleaning Area.
Ultraviolet Lamp Sterilization.
Intelligent Anti-Drop Sensing.
Fixed Route Cleaning.

2800 Pa Motor Suction.
90 Minutes Working Time.
2000mAh battery capacity.
Charging Time 3-4 hours.
Size 300x45x300mm
150ml Water Tank.
400ml Dust Box.
Weight 1.93kg

Package Included 📦

1 * Robot Cleaner
1 * Charging Line
1 * Cleaning Brush
1 * Water Tank Mop
1 * User Manual
1 * Water Tank
1 * Bolt Driver
1 * Dust Box
1 * Funnel
1 * Brush
1 * Mop

Thank you for choosing SNA MALTA 🙏