SNA™ 5 in 1 Dog Leash


🏆 Multifunctional Usage.
🏆Suitable, Various Dog Sizes.
🏆 Durable & Harmless Material.

All Your Dog Essentials Built Together.  

~24 Months Valid Warranty~

Functions and Features 📋

Multifunctional Usage:
The 5 in 1 Multifunctional Dog Leash includes a strong leash, hook, foldable water bowl, water dispenser and garbage bags dispenser, built-in-one together to be the best solution adaptable to all the fun outdoor pet activities on your to do list.

Suitable, Various Dog Sizes:
The leash has been tested and can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg, making it confident enough to handle multiple dog sizes without any issues.

Durable & Harmless Material:
The design has been made on purpose to be durable, lightweight and harmless tohelp you achieve the best out of your pet walks in the most convenient manner.

Specifications 🔍

Dog Leash.
Foldable Bowl.
Waste Bag Dispenser.
Portable Hook Attached.
Built-In Water Dispenser.
Promotes Good Hydration.
Durable and Harmless Material.
Efficient for Multiple Occasions.

Colour: Red, Blue, Black.
Size: 25 cm x 16 cm x 5.5 cm.
Product Material: ABS, Nylon, Silicone.
Leash Size: Length 1.5m, Width 2cm.
Capacity Water Dispenser: 300ml.
Weight Support: 100kg.

Package Included 📦

1 * Multifunctional Dog Leash.
1 * Packaging Box.

Thank you for choosing SNA MALTA 🙏