SNA™ Ashtray Purifier


🏆 Intelligent Sensing.
🏆 Smokeless Air Purifier.
🏆 Versatile, Simple & Effective.

Enjoy Fresh Air with Peaceful Atmosphere. 

~24 Months Valid Warranty~ 

Functions and Features 📋

Intelligent Sensing:
The Multifunctional Ashtray works with Intelligent Sensing Technology which simply starts by tapping the edge of the device to start purificating the atmosphere of your house easily within minutes!

Smokeless Air Purifier:
The Purifier is the most convenient solution to your smoking atmosphere problems thanks to its capacity to filter second-hand smoke, which makes it adaptable to any occasion happening during your home daily routine.

Versatile, Simple & Effective:
The design has been made on purpose to be simple, practical and versatile tohelp you achieve the best solutions for your atmosphere issues in the most convenient manner.

Specifications 🔍

Air Purifier.
Liner Design.
Durable Battery.
Intelligent Sensing.
Smokeless Ashtray.
Side Lower Vent Hole.
High-Quality Material.
Replaceable Filter Screen.
Filter Second-Hand Smoke.

Colours: White, Green.
Product Weight: 500g.
Product Material: Plastic.
Product Size: 13.9*10cm.
Battery Capacity: 500mah.
Charging Method: USB Cable.

Package Included 📦

1 * Ashtray Purifier.
1 * USB Charging Cable.
1 * Packaging Box.
1 * User Manual.

Thank you for choosing SNA MALTA 🙏