SNA™ Hips Muscle Stimulator


🏆 EMS Technology.

🏆 Efficient Powerful Results.

🏆 Portable Anytime & Anywhere.

Amazing Glutes with Hustle-Free Workouts 

~24 Months Valid Warranty~

Bodify® EMS bottom trainer | EMS butt trainer for at home – BODIFY

Functions and Features 📋 

EMS Technology:
The Electrical Muscle Stimulation Technology builds the muscles thru the skin and is recognised as an effective method of muscle training to achieve Fat Burning, Muscle Stimulating, Lift & Shaping with Hustle-Free Workouts.

Different Modes:
The Hips Muscle Stimulator provides 6 exercise modes and 9 intensity levels to adjust and fit respectively to your Glutes Training Goals.

Efficient Results:
By using the device constantly on a daily basis, results will be shown in order to Firms, Lift, Tones, Strengthens & Tightens Hips Muscles.

Portable Anywhere:
The design has been made on purpose to be worn comfortably anytime, anywhere and to help you achieve glutes exercise during all your daily activities in the most convenient manner.

Specifications 🔍

Fat Burning.
Reduce Cellulite.
Flexible & Portable.
Powerful & Efficient.
Hustle-Free Workout.
Frequency Adjustable Therapy.
Release Pressure & Lift Hip Muscle.
Firms, Tones, Strengthens & Tightens Muscles.
Electrical Muscle Stimulation Technology (EMS).
Promote Blood Circulation & Muscle Movement.
Ultra Thin, Comfortable PU Material.
Colours: Black / Orange / White.
Charging Mode: USB Rechargeable.
Working Mode: 6 Modes & 9 Intensities.
Working Time: 20-30 Minutes.
Frequency: 1~100Hz.

Package Included 📦

1 * Hips Simulator Stickers.
1 * Main Monitor Pad.
1 * Packaging Box.
1 * User Manual.

Thank you for choosing SNA MALTA 🙏